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Sankofa is a Ghanaian word meaning to “Go back and get it”. The question is, what is it that we need to go back and get? What are we missing that is keeping us from moving forward?

Answer: The power that we need to change our lives and to create a better future for our communities.

We all have a part to play in the divine plan and will not be able to achieve our goals without the assistance of the Supreme Being and our ancestors. Many people do not agree with the recent focus on the various historical acts of violence against black people. They instead feel that these are issues of the past that we should not focus on because we are in a different time. This is not the case. The best way to prevent ourselves from falling into the same predicaments of the past is to study them, teach them to our children, and use them to grow stronger communities that protect and uplift our people. More importantly, the way we overcome the impotence of the past is through spiritual power.

Each month (akin to the word moon) is a different lunar (moon) cycle. This month is the Sekher Lunar cycle. Sekher is a faculty of your spirit that governs destiny, perseverance and spiritual power that is achieved through overcoming obstacles. Take some time during this lunar cycle to speak to elders, reflect on your family history, and decide to honor the sacrifices that were made so that you could live freely today. You can find more information about Sekher on our website under the lunar cycle tab.

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