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Books by Ra Un Nefer Amen

The following may be purchased by going to or in person with us at any event or class.

Metu Neter Vol. 1.png

Metu Neter Vol. 1

This is the first book in a 7 volume series that breaks down the deeper understanding of Kamitic Spirituality as well as the proper use of the Metu Neter Oracle System.

ra qigong 1.jpg

Ra QiGong Vol. 1

This book/dvd combo outlines a system that will revitalize your body and take your chi to new levels. Invigorate yourself and live a longer life using this system!

Utchau Metu.jpg

Metu Neter Vol. 7

The Utchau Metu (Weighing of the Heart) ceremony was of utmost importance in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. This book will take you through the proper way to go through this ceremony and determine if you are in line with the 11 Laws of Ma'at. Is your heart truly light as a feather??

Kundalini yoga.jpg

Light on Kundalini Yoga Vol. 1

This book sheds light on the fact that there are 14 chakras that can be used to assist us in our spiritual journey. Learn to purify and use the power of all your chakras!


IChing Praxis

This book walks you through the proper use of the I Ching and the mechanism of conducting your own readings. As a student, you will get hands on practice in our classes and instruction from priesthood on understanding the readings.

Chakra Kit.png

Chakra Purification Oils Kit

This kit will assist in purifying your lower chakras so that you can utilize them to access the higher chakras and their powers. You can order this kit during our weekly classes.

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