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Preparing for the Winter Solstice

We are approaching the 201

9 Winter Solstice (Dec 21-24). This is the time of year when your spirit will be most receptive to making changes that will help you to be successful in the upcoming year and in the rest of your life! Right now is the time to prepare for the solstice by changing the way you eat, think and live your life each day. Make the choice to be more mindful of those around you. Ensure that you are not causing any harm to others with the things you say or do. Also be careful of the messages that you accept into your being by way of tv, radio, social media etc. The winter is the time to go within to seek answers to life's challenges. Make the time to go within this year and let us help you prepare for it with our 2019 Winter Solstice Preparation class series starting November 23rd. Hetepu (Peace & Blessings)

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